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Do you ever arrive at work only to find out you left your ID card in the jacket or purse you used yesterday?


With your ID card on you mobile phone you are less likely to make this mistake.

Access card on the phone

In the same mobile app that you can invite to meetings and reserve meeting rooms, the employee also has its personal access card. The ID card in our app consists of a QR code that the employee scans at doors, where the scanner asks for the employee's PIN. If the correct password is typed with QR code the doors open.

QR code reader instead of RFID reader

Our QR reading system is not only a good substitute for today's widely used RFID solution, but it is also a significantly less expensive access system solution. Our QR reader is downloaded to iPods that are mounted on each of the access gates and doors. The advantage of an iPod that scans over a normal QR scanner, is that the iPod takes up less space, costs less and can increasingly respond to the person who scans through.

Compatible to all types of gates and doors

Our system is integrated with all Boon Edam's security doors and doors. This makes it easy to get started with both our access and access systems.

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