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Privacy Policy

We are fully aware of the responsibility on our shoulders. The information you shares with us will never be for sale to advertisers and its protection is our highest priority.

Your data 

Your data are safely secured by VIPadm and can only be used by your host company.

What data do we collect? 
The information we store about you is the contact information that your host enters when inviting you, vehicle info (if given by you to get parking permit), photo (if taken) and time of entry and exit. 

Save or delete the date? Your choice! 
Host companies have chosen to save their visitor data for specific days. When your data has been saved for that long, they will be automatically deleted. However, if you do not want your data to be saved at all it is all up to you. By not ticking «Remember me» your data will be deleted by midnight after having visited.  

Note that you will count as a visitor in the visitor statistics even if you choose not to be remembered, but you will be completely anonymous. 

Why let us save your data? 
First of all, your host can easily find your contact info through our system and can find out when you have been visiting him/her earlier. It also makes it much quicker for you to register as a visitor if you should come back. 

Who has access to your data?  
Your contact info and visitor history will be available to access by the receptionist, the admin users, your host and the VIPadm team. The VIPadm team have full confidentiality and will not share or use your data for any purpose other than assistance of our client. 

Your data will be added in the personal contact list of your host. They will also appear in the receptionist's and admin users' complete list of visitors for the building and will be a part of the visitor statistics.  

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