Relocate VIPadm from the Reception to the Entrance door.

The iPad and/or the iPod work as scanner - can register drop in guest - take picture of visitor

and at the same time work as door opener.

Guest receive SMS Invitation; either being pre-registered, or when self-registering via email


If the guest arrives as drop in, he/she register on the iPad and receive a SMS Invitation identical

to the pre-registered SMS Invitation. 

The Host receive message that show who the guest is and he/she (Host) may accept the visitor

before he/she allows the door to open (un-manned reception).

SECURITY has TOP PRIORITY in VIPadm visitor system:

weather You prefer to have a STAFFED or UN-MANNED Reception. 


The SMS Invitations and the VIPadm (Mobile App) can also be used as Garage Door Opener.

Pre-registration of guest can be done; via VIPadm (mobile App for employees), via Web,

via iPad, via Excel, via Office 365 and via Google Calendar.

VIPadm (Mobile App) show status and history of own guests.

The App also show all accepted invitations, cancelled invitation and reason for cancellation.

On Widescreen; todays guests are shown – invitation accepted by visitor –  guest arrived –

guest still in building.


VIPadm visitor system fits both staffed, or un-manned Receptions.


If VIPadm is connected to gates (passing in/out) this will give control over visitors that are still

in the building.

When the fire-alarm is activated, and the Admission Control is integrated with VIPadm;

you will have full view of all persons inside the building. 

This is important regarding Evacuation. VIPadm Evacuation system is using Mobile and/or iPad.

Communication is done via push-message.  

Advantage using SMS Invitation.

Guest is invited to where the meeting is to take place – the office location – a hotel – a cafe etc.

Invitation show the location via Google Map.

In addition to this a non-disclosure agreement can be signed.

The signing must be made before the QR-code is returned to guest. If the guest chose to cancel,

he/she can give reason for cancellation and suggest new date for new meeting.

The Host is updated immediately, and status is shown on his/her mobile.


Large screen (Smart TV)

Show todays invited - meeting accepted – non-disclosure agreement signed – if guest arrived or left. 

Another screen can show: Welcome message when guest arrive (by scanning his/her QR-code) and

also show Company Logo, Name, and photo of Host. 

When no activity the Screen can show rotating pictures or video.

Read more about this below.


You can find our visitor system in AppStore

App store - 10.png

Outdoor stand made

in stainless steel for

iPad and iPod

Secured with bolts. 

For the outdoors, it has a small protruding roof

Front door iPod  .png

 iPod door opener

Door out.png
Rune Hansen.jpeg




Parking permit

Make sure your visitors are safely parked - print parking proof at the same time as the visit label.

WiFi access for guests

Give the visitors access to WiFi. Towards the end of the registration, the guest can choose to receive a one-time WiFi password, sent by sms.

Invitation requirement

For higher security, the visitor system can require that the guests are invited and preregistered to register their visit and enter the building.

"Thank you for visiting"

Send a "thank you for visiting" message to visitors when they scan out of the building with contact info for the one they visited.

Picture of visitor

Prevent visiting labels from being misused can be printed - print image of the visitor to the visit folder.

Temporary ID card

Protect safety even when employees have forgotten their ID card at home. With a simple registration, employees can get a temporary ID card print.

Graded search in employees

Avoid unauthorized users browsing the visitor tablet to "snoop around" in the employee list. With graded search, you must write larger sections of the employee's name to get search suggestions.

"Remember me"

If desired, visitors, have the option to choose to be remembered in the visitor system to save time during next registration. They also choose how long they will be remembered.

Individual label design

If there are more than one companies in the building, each business can have their own label design that fits their brand and graphic style.

Branding front page

Welcome your visitors with a customized homepage. In this way there is no doubt which company(-s) the visiting system applies to.


Make visitor registration a faster maneuver with VIPadm’s preregistration. In addition to the normal calendar invitation, guests may receive an sms invitation 24 hours before the meeting starts (see photo). By scanning the QR code, a visiting label is written and a message is sent to the host. The QR code can also be used as door opener.


Get even greater control over who gets to enter the building by selecting invitation requirements in the system settings.


We offer elegant visitor labels of various sizes and designs, which can easily be changed in settings.


One can also choose to use different designs for different companies or events to distinguish the visitors apart.