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Whether your company has a staffed or unmanned reception, you can rest assured that your security is taken care of by VIPadm's visiting system. Guests either register themselves when they arrive or scan the QR code that was sent by sms when the host sent the invitation. The host receives sms when he or she has been visited. With the use of security doors, it is possible, when setting the system up, to decide which doors the visitor should be able to enter on their own and accompanied by their host. As an administrator, you always know who is visiting the building.


Our Visiting System is the VIPadm product with the longest history. That combined with our ongoing focus on improving usability is some of what we believe makes the system suitable for handling large visitor traffic. Elegant visits proof with a picture of the guest, parking permit, a message to the host when the guest has arrived and WiFi access on sms to guest are just some of the features that come with our visit system. All features can be customized from the password-protected setup feature of our web browser, VIPvisitors.


For higher security levels, one of the system's features is designed so that the host must pass the port using his ID card before the guest can pass by using his visiting tag (QR code). This prevents the guest from entering the building on their own. Another advantage of VIPvisitors is that visitors can be pre-registered. The guest receives an invitation on text with maps, QR code and details of the meeting on sms. Upon arrival, the pre-registered guest scans its QR code, is photographed (optional) and a visitor's certificate is written. This provides particularly high security for companies that chooses an invitation requirement in the settings of the app.


Read more about this below.


You can find our visitor system in AppStore

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Parking permit

Make sure your visitors are safely parked - print parking proof at the same time as the visit label.

WiFi access for guests

Give the visitors access to WiFi. Towards the end of the registration, the guest can choose to receive a one-time WiFi password, sent by sms.

Invitation requirement

For higher security, the visitor system can require that the guests are invited and preregistered to register their visit and enter the building.

"Thank you for visiting"

Send a "thank you for visiting" message to visitors when they scan out of the building with contact info for the one they visited.

Picture of visitor

Prevent visiting labels from being misused can be printed - print image of the visitor to the visit folder.

Temporary ID card

Protect safety even when employees have forgotten their ID card at home. With a simple registration, employees can get a temporary ID card print.

Graded search in employees

Avoid unauthorized users browsing the visitor tablet to "snoop around" in the employee list. With graded search, you must write larger sections of the employee's name to get search suggestions.

"Remember me"

If desired, visitors, have the option to choose to be remembered in the visitor system to save time during next registration. They also choose how long they will be remembered.

Individual label design

If there are more than one companies in the building, each business can have their own label design that fits their brand and graphic style.

Branding front page

Welcome your visitors with a customized homepage. In this way there is no doubt which company(-s) the visiting system applies to.


Make visitor registration a faster maneuver with VIPadm’s preregistration. In addition to the normal calendar invitation, guests may receive an sms invitation 24 hours before the meeting starts (see photo). By scanning the QR code, a visiting label is written and a message is sent to the host. The QR code can also be used as door opener.


Get even greater control over who gets to enter the building by selecting invitation requirements in the system settings.


We offer elegant visitor labels of various sizes and designs, which can easily be changed in settings.


One can also choose to use different designs for different companies or events to distinguish the visitors apart.

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