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The purpose of our evacuation system is to streamline and secure evacuation by improving communication between the Head of Evacuation, the area responsibles and the other people in the building.

At the point of an evacuation, anyone using the VIPadm app, both employees and area responsibles, will be notified by a push message. The area responsibles use the same mobile app to indicate whether they are present and can easily report when their area is cleared.

With the evacuation system from VIPadm, evacuation is triggered from the same mobile app as employees use for inviting guests, managing meetings and are using as their digital ID card.* Upon a triggered evacuation, the Head of Responsible has a full overview from both the mobile and reception app with information about the evacuation status of all areas of the building, which of the area responsibles who are at work and can easily communicate with them.

* The evacuation system can also be used separately without the VIPadm visitor-, meeting- or access system.

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You can find our visitor system in AppStore and Google Play.

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The minute an evacaution has been triggered, every employee receives a notification on their phone from the VIPadm app. The message will differ depending on whether they are an area responsible or not. Most of the employees will be asked to follow the evacuation instructions given, while the area responsibles will be asked to indicate if they are in the building to evacuate their area.


When triggering the evacuation, the Head of Evacuation has the opportunity to change the message sent to the staff, if needed, or they can choose the default message, shown in this image. This is useful in extraordinary situations where, for example, it is not safe to leave the building, which would otherwise be found naturally.



The first thing that meets the area responsibles when they open the app is the question "Are you in the building?". There may be up to three responsible for each area. The first to confirm presence in the building is considered responsible for evacuating its area until a responsible with a higher security clearance has confirmed presence in the building. This information is continuously updated in the app of the Head of Evacuation.


Each area responsible can see the current status of their co-responsibles. In addition, they can see how long the evacuation has been going on and contact the Head of Evacuation when needed.

Evacuation 1 - in the building or
Evacuation 2 - Declare area emptied.png



After confirming being in the building, the area responsibles can focus on evacuating the area. When having cleared the area the only task needed to indicate the completion is to press "Declare area emptied".

The area will then automatically be marked as "Cleared area" in the app of the Head of Evacuation (see below).


The Head of Evacuation has an overview of all areas with their status and who is Area Manager from the VIPadm folder. Cleared areas are sorted at the bottom of the list so that the Head of Evacuation can focus on areas that are still not evacuated. The app also provides the ability to get in contact with some or all of the area responsibles through the integrated chat feature or by contacting the provided mobile numbers.


If at least one of the three site managers has confirmed to be in the building, the area will be marked with a green dot. The name of the area responsible with the highest security clearance who has been confirmed to be in the building is shown on the evacuation area list. If no area responsible for a given area has indicated being in the building, the area will be displayed with a yellow dot. The area will be marked with a red dot if every responsible for that area has reported that they are not in the building. These areas will be sorted at the top of the list of areas, so that the Head of Evacuation quickly becomes aware that no one of the people present in these areas has an official responsibility for evacuating.


When an evacuation is over, the Head of Evacuation indicates this by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen. This way all employees in the building will be notified. Once the evacuation has been ended, the history of last evacuation will be displayed with information about when it started and ended, who cleared the area and the persons level of security clearance. The app will also display the time it took before each area was evacuated. In other words, this is also a good tool for evaluation after evacuation drills to be best This information can be very useful when evaluating evacuation drills.

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