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VIPadm is the main system that Mørner AS has to offer. We live by delivering a delicate and user friendly administration system to office buildings. Most of all we attain a high level of security and efficiency. 


In 2005, we began to see an increasing need for a safer and easier handling of visitors arriving to office buildings. We therefore made a simple visiting system for Windows. Since then, we have had an escalating expansion of the system both in terms of function, appearance and usability. In 2015, we switched platform from Windows to iOS - something we've experienced has yielded far fewer bugs.

In addition to a well-established visitor system, VIPadm today also consists of meeting room booking with associated meeting room displays, mobile based access cards, a communicative evacuation system and more. These can either be purchased or rented singularly or as a entire administration system.

Our main focus is to ensure VIPadm's continuous improvement and development. Therefore, we are very responsive to suggestions that can make our system better and ensures that there is a short distance between idea and reality. Our subsidiary in India, VIPadm Software Technologies, consisting of skilled, established programmers is one of the key factors that enables this.




Leirvikflaten 3

5179 Godvik, Norway

Phone: + 47 90 52 43 32

VIPadm Software Technologies

VIPadm Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Rainbow Vista, Cyber City, I.D.L Road, Moosapet, Hyderabad - 500018, Telangana, INDIA.



If you have any questions regarding price, delivery, terms of rental etc., please do not hesitate to contact us.


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